Hand-made artwork combining modern looks and traditional materials.

I needed a living-room centerpiece for my bare-walled apartment. With no money to spare, no tools, and no experience, I set out with a goal in mind and a will to bring it to fruition. I pieced together some scrapped wood, borrowed some old paint, and got to work. Armed only with a steak knife and a fingernail file, I began the struggle of slicing through the wood and sanding every edge. With some ancient bristle brushes, dating back to what seemed like the days of Michelangelo, I painted the artwork in a rustic, four-color pattern. The end result gave me great aesthetic pleasure, and pushed me closer to the realm of woodworking infamy. Well not even close to "infamy", but it sounded good rolling off the tongue. Now, I pump out all types of designs, sizes, and color schemes to customers all across the globe. Needless to say I have a pretty damn good "come-up" story!

Here's a little bit about me. I'm an HR & Account Manager for a financial consulting & accounting firm in Athens, GA, USA. I help manage a variety of clients and directly work with over 600 employees. During my night hours, I own and operate Wabstract which seems to always keep me busy. I dibble and dabble in photography and get to incorporate those skills into the art I create, which is a ton of fun. Through photos, I can keep you involved/engaged in the process. I also run booths at trade-shows and art festivals throughout Georgia. My favorite human is my dog, Baby, and nobody puts Baby in the corner!(hopefully you got that Dirty Dancing movie reference). My passion is traveling, and personally, I don't believe one can live a fulfilling life without experiencing the world around them. Beyond that, I'm just a laid-back family man that wants to make a positive mark on the world.

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